What is C2E?

There are huge differences between Chinese and English so this website celebrates these differences and offers solutions to help us understand each other.

Can't find any black tea in China? Nope?
It's called red tea instead.

More examples below:

Exploding Rice?

Exploding Rice-Grain Flower?

explode rice grain flower   popcorn
bào huā   bàomǐhuā
Strange Hand?
Sweet, Sweet Circle?

Sweet, Sweet Circle?

sweet sweet circle   donut
tián tián quān   tiántiánquān
Left, Right?

Left, Right?

left right   about
zuǒ yòu   zuǒyòu
Paste Cut?
Have You Eaten?

Have You Eaten?

Q) What is the correct reply to "Have you eaten?"

  • Yes, I have. Thank you!
  • Not yet!
  • I'm full!

It's "I'm full!"
"Have you eaten?" is a common greeting in the mornings or close to meal times, and simply means, "Hello"

Our Puzzles

4 Puzzles to Choose

For the best learning, we have 4 puzzles:

  • Chinglish 2 English
  • Picasso's pictures
  • Picture this
  • Mystical characters

Each puzzle will tax your mind and come with an accurate pronunciation guide and example sentences so you can learn from the differences as well as having some fun over your coffee-break.

Funny Signs

Funny Signs

Chinglish is everywhere, take a look at these signs:

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