Chinglish 2 English
Understanding Chinese and the Chinese and all good things from the Far East


Chinglish 2 English

The root of common misunderstandings is the huge differences between our two languages so this website celebrates and offers solutions and understanding of these differences.

Can't find any black tea in China? That's because it is called red tea over there.

Bearing that in mind, can you guess what these are?

Exploding rice-grain flower?

Strange hand?

Sweet, sweet circle?

Left & right?

Paste & cut?

Enjoy these?

Q) What is the correct reply to "Have you eaten?"

Yes, I have.

Not yet.


A) "Eaten!"
"Have you eaten?" is a common greeting in the mornings or close to meal times.

We're creating thousands of puzzles similar to the ones above and also including these ones unique to us at

Chinglish 2 English

Picasso's pictures

Picture this

Mystical characters

Each puzzle will tax your mind and come with an accurate pronunciation guide and example sentences so you can learn from the differences as well as having some fun over your coffee-break.

If you'd like us to contact you when we post them, send us an email anytime.

Chinglish Signs

Chinglish is everywhere, take a look at these signs:

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